High blood pressure….a silent killer!

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And now, back to the post. Yes, you heard me right! High blood pressure often shows no symptoms. And hence is called a silent killer!high bp 2

High blood pressure is a long term medical condition, in which the force of the blood against the walls of the blood vessels is persistently too high. Most of us these days are acquainted with this condition. Coz, someone or the other in the family suffers from it. And, the stats are increasing so badly that it is on the verge of becoming an epidemic!

Well, it is quite alarming. The lifestyle, the boom in consumption of packaged and processed foods, the stress- all are responsible for this. Also, there are certain other medical conditions which may contribute to high blood pressure – like diabetes, kidney problems, etc.  And while your physician is the best person to guide you with medicines if you are suffering from this condition, there are certain lifestyle and diet changes which you can consider to keep your blood pressure from shooting up, and also to keep yourselves from falling a pray to this disturbing condition, if you haven’t already!

A beautiful blend of modern medical science and ancient wisdom of Ayurveda can help you keep your blood pressure within normal, and can effectively keep you away from it. Let’s see how it works…

AYURVEDA–  In Ayurveda literature, there is no separate mention of the disease as such, which is remarkable since it could be largely possible because of the absence of this disease in that era. Credit goes to the lifestyle and diet followed by people in those days. But, its mention surely appears as a symptom of some other underlying medical conditions. And the treatment mentioned is largely similar to the one followed by modern medicine these days.

According to the ancient texts, the disease is treated using shodhan  chikitsa       (detoxification protocols), pathya-apathya( dietary, behavioral and lifestyle changes), aushadhi chikitsa ( appropriate medicines), pranayama, asanas and dhyan ( breathing exercises, yoga and meditation) and especially alavana aahar ( low salt diet) ; a protocol which is quite similar to the modern one.

Ayurveda has always emphasized on a quality and balanced diet. The DASH diet recommended for the treatment of high BP is largely similar to the one mentioned in Ayurveda , thousands of years back! Let’s see how.high bp 3

DIET–  Experts now believe that diet plays an important role in both prevention and treatment of high BP. Some simple things may keep ur numbers in check.

  • Make your diet rich in grains and grain products, fruits and vegetables.
  • Watch the minerals. Potassium and calcium are believed to protect against high BP. They can be found in most fruits, vegetables, legumes and dairy products.
  • Limit your salt intake. Packaged and processed foods are the main culprits. Check labels for hidden sodium content. Avoid salty pickles.
  • Eat a less fat diet. More fat will increase your weight too n may increase the BP significantly. Cut down on fried foods n go for broiling. Switch to low fat milk n cut down on butter and margarine. Go low on red meat. It is a must.
  • Check your weight. Bringing it down modestly will bring down your BP significantly.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine consumption in excess.

LIFESTYLE– A proper diet is key in keeping the blood pressure in check, but it has to be paired with other lifestyle changes.

  • Exercise regularly, at least five days a week. It conditions your heart to work more efficiently.
  • Quit smoking. It can bring your reading down by min 10 points.
  • Use over the counter drugs with caution. Popping a pain killer every now n then may not be wise when it comes to your heart.
  • Try to reduce stress. There are many ways of doing so like yoga, meditation, listening to soothing music and playing with kids and keeping pets. Take your pick!

YOGA AND MEDITATION- It has been proved time and again that proper yoga poses,  breathing exercises and meditation techniques can reduce the blood pressure significantly. Virasana, baddhakonasana, janushirasana and upvishtakonasana, a number of supine poses and deep breathing are particularly beneficial for high BP. Take care to avoid any inverted poses, or the poses in which your legs are higher than the heart level and heart is higher than the head level. But of course, take care to do all of these under proper supervision only.HIGH BP 4

You must be aware of the healing power of music. There are many mantras and chants which can help you relax and they even help in treating many diseases. Well, a little bit of good and relaxing music can never do you any harm, can it?

A good balance of diet, exercise and lifestyle change can help you effectively manage high BP. So guys, get a grip and start taking your readings seriously. It’s high time!

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Dieting or di-eating !!!!

Well….u must have got an idea by now what actually am I getting at ! Exactly, you got it right- obesity . It is one of the most common health problems faced by people these days. We all know the culprits too- sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, too much consumption of aerated drinks, untimely eating, lack of sleep and the list goes on…And the sad part is, despite knowing all this, we hardly manage to do anything about it.

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The most important thing to keep in mind while trying to manage your weight is- there is no fixed diet as such to help you get rid of the unwanted fat. Every person has a unique body type and hence a particular diet suitable for a person may not be suitable for another. It is always advisable to consult a dietician before embarking on a particular diet. These are the general guidelines which everyone can follow without a hitch and they work in almost all the cases. The key is however, to pair them up with proper exercise and a healthy daily routine.

So guys, here is an overview of general dos and don’ts of dieting which will help you in managing your weight effectively.  Let’s get started…

  • The first and foremost comes the golden rule of dieting – Burn more calories than you eat, food equals energy, remember! But of course, what you eat is important too. Well, you need to cut back on cakes and cookies and not fruits !
  • Eat breakfast, it’s a win-win !- And don’t skip any  meals. When your stomach is empty, it secretes a hormone called ghrelin in excess, which makes you grab the nearest food. And I  am sure you know how dangerous it is to grab a burger at such a time, right!
  • Choose foods that are bulky – In other words, foods that are high in fiber , water or air, like high fiber fruits and veggies.blog post 2 dieting


  • Don’t avoid carbs , instead choose them wisely ! -You need to cut back on simple carbs like sugar, white bread etc., coz they are quickly turned to glucose by the body. Instead, go for complex carbs, like whole grain foods, fruits and veggies. They will keep you fuller for longer.
  • Go for low fat foods if you must, but don’t cut off the fat altogether from your diet. Some fat like that in nuts and olive oil is actually required.
  • Drink water…and plenty of it ! – Sometimes, its just the thirst and not actually hunger. Your body needs lots of fluids and while juices and beer and wines all do provide that fluid, they essentially provide unwanted calories too. Occasional visits to these guys are fine but, make water your best friend!
  • Cut down on your portions -While it is not advisable to bring the food portions size drastically down, I would recommend slowly cutting on the portion size…do it little by little, and believe me, you won’t end up throwing this whole dieting thing out the window!
  • Colorful is cool ! – While trying to watch your diet do keep an eye on what you eat too. Try to include foods in all colors in your diet, those colors actually signify the various nutrients you are going to get from that meal. Oh, and by the way, I mean natural colors!!blog post 2 dieting 3.png
  • Never, never fast!- Your blood pressure may drastically fall and eventually give you a heart failure. Also, there is a rebound weight gain as soon as you stop fasting.
  • Don’t deny yourself  the pleasure of your favorite foods in small portions once in a while. Coz if you do that, you are more likely to get frustrated and end up binging!

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Heal-thy Self

Hey friends…..glad you found your way to this blog. As we all know, a very busy life these days makes it almost impossible for all of us to give attention to our overall health. And to make it worse, even though there is loads of information available out there , we hardly get the time to read it all and follow it through even once, let alone make it a routine and implement it in our daily lives.

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You must be asking yourselves, there are any number of blogs already providing with all such info, so what’s really the need for another one? well….I can relate to you, since I have myself been there. But tell you what, to give medical field its due credit, the subject is so vast that it is impossible to put everything in one place and it really helps a lot if we get short yet precise answers to all our queries .

We at healthydailylifeblog, are trying exactly to do that, provide you with short yet precise info on various topics like daily health care, diet, nutrition, yoga , relaxation and rejuvenation therapies and what not.

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So dear friends, what are we waiting for?Let’s go for it. We welcome you to the world of health and harmony. Hope you all found this place interesting and hope to see you  guys soon…ba-bye